Sunday, November 13, 2016

Thanks to my customers for helping me receive a promotion to GOLD with Stampin Up, when I'm not stamping I'm doing hair and nails

The last 3 cards I made with my stampin up supplies

 Thanks to mu customers for helping me receive a promotion to GOLD with Stampin Up

I also feel the need to thank God for the way he blesses my business so that I can help pay household bills.
Prayer is a big reason that I feel I am successful. I pray to be able to help others in all I do. When I share what I love people feel happy. When creative people are happy they naturally want to stamp something to give to someone else.

When they need supplies they think of me. It's a blessing to have a business that helps me share what I love.
May God bless you to share what you love. 
May God also bless you to put family first.

When my husband was unemployed and I needed to bring in more income I increased my working hours. He stayed home and took care of the house and the meals and I went to work. With Gods help we both worked hard to make sure our family was taken care of. The trial brought us closer together as a family and everyone pitched in to help out.

That was the year I made Founders Circle. When I called home from convention to tell my husband the good news I was told he was not home because he FOUND A JOB!!!!  My excitement over my husband being employed was so much more exciting then being in the top 100 (and I was thrilled about that!) 
With God all things are possible. Ask God to help you find new people to serve. Ask for a way to make a difference in your part of the world. When you put people and their needs first the money will come. 
My prayer for you is that you will be inspired to know who to talk to and know what to say when you meet new people. May you feel Gods love and pass that love on to others as you share your talents with the people around you.

I feel so blessed to be a part of this company who put people and relationships FIRST. I know that is why they are so successful. 
When you meet someone for the very first time, treat them like a friend because sooner or later they will be!

I'd like to wish my Husband Mark
a Happy Anniversary
August 25th

30 years!
So thankful to be
Married to YOU

I do hair

Sherrill Graff 
call for an appointment

I stopped by 
The world Famous Coffee Cup
for a bite to eat

sat down next to me and took a look
at the Sunset Magazine
Where the Coffee Cup had a nice write up

1001 Nevada Way Suite B
current clients get the best deals
12.99 is our lowest price haircut
with this fantastic coupon
25. is our regular price hair cut

A-Line cut on Bright Purple hair

Red Violet Highlights on Black Hair

Heavy highlights on light brown hair 

our Creative Hair Salon and Spa
is on your way to
Hoover Dam and Lake Mead

 on my way back to work I saw Robert Pavlowski
making another truck sparkle

xtreme clean mobile
Some of the places and things to see and visit in and near Boulder City, Nevada, 
the historic downtown welcome sign is about 3 buildings away from our Beauty Salon.

gambling and liquor were prohibited, community, A controlled growth ordinance, building permits, pace slower, 

Southwest Diner,  my favorite place to eat, fantastic service, 
relaxed environment, attractions, comfortable accommodations, dining choices, The Boulder Dam Hotel, 

5-star wonder,
Las Vegas, federal government, Building the Dam, Barber, fox BBQ, dream, pretty,  fantastic, located near, Albertsons 
Chamber of Commerce, maps and information, Boulder Theater, Arizona street, Shirley Temple, Prince and Princess of Norway, restaurant, serves breakfast, family, Backstop Sports Pub, Nevada Highway, Mel's Diner, Coffee Cup, Milo's in, antiques and art, The Dillinger,

Our Salon Team
Jen, Erin, Sherrill, Jonnie, Sarah
Chrissy, Trava, Alex,

The Reflection Center, Max Winthrop, Railroad, Colorado Streets, Teddy Fenton, '31ers, The Historic District, Veteran's Cemetery, Buchanan Street, Park, Municipal Golf Course, Skydive, Bootleg Canyon Zipline, Flightlinez, trailhead, Nevada Southern Railroad, Trains, holiday seasons, hair, skin, nails, 
wheelchair accessible, Railroad Pass Casino, Camp,  B hill, horses, City Hall, parks, Post Office, Government Park, Bicentennial Park, Gazebo Park, shopper, 

Back in Thyme,
and Grandma Daisy,

are two of my favorite places
to shop,

Hemenway Valley, US 93, St. Jude's Ranch for Children, mountain sheep, Cheep, Christmas, BC Review, Social, serene, attractive, florist, 

discounts on color and cut with the coupon above

Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, 
spend the day with us. 

702-539-0167 is the salon phone number

PLEASE Look for my ad in 
The Old Times
and the B C Review 

I love to go to 
PostNet in Boulder City Nevada
where I am always well taken care of

 Daniel King, Jim Ismert, Jake Syler  

They are in the Albertson's parking lot 
a few businesses near them are
 Starbucks and 

Capriotti's Sandwich Shop


Domino's Pizza

1022 Nevada Highway
Boulder CityNV 89005

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