Saturday, March 2, 2013

five steps to a better stampin up blog - by sherrill graff

Google has a search engine spider called "Googlebot" that goes out and "crawls" the web looking for websites and ranks them in order of importance. sometimes also called a "spider"
How do you make your blog more important in the Stampin and Scrapping world?
If you have been posting about our Treasure hunt using KEY WORDS that was just the first step.
List your key words in your lables or tags as well.
here are some of my labels: key words, scrapbooking, stampin up , blog, late night stamper, treasure hunt, sherrill graff, 

Your fellow demonstrators have posted the "LNS web ring or link list" on their blog and you have posted it on yours. This is called eternal linking
 External linking was the second step.
Googlebot discovers sites by following links from page to page.
All of you who are participating in our Late Night Stamper treasure hunt should have seen Increased traffic flow already. My page went up by 200 visitors over night. 
More Blog visitors is the third step to success. 
Invite your blog viewers to subscribe to your blog.
Posting at least once each week will help your viewers want to go see what is new. Please try to post at least once each month. You don't want your viewers to forget about you. 
Asking your viewers to please subscribe will allow each of your posts to end up in their e-mail box every time you post!  forth step 

Promoting your blog with videos to attract more viewers fifth step 
Do you already do stampin videos yourself?

I only started this spring but I can see how the younger generation goes to you tube for just about everything they want to learn to do.
My boys have used videos to help them re-build a car engine. Recently they watched videos on how to clean and repair guns.
I think their first video when they were 16 may have been how to blow a 2 litter bottle into the air using a air compressor and water. 
I'm glad they are good young men and try to stay out of trouble.
What is my point of all this rambling??? 

Videos have proven to be a good way for me to teach long distance customers as well as help train team members. 
The last workshop I did showing how to create multi colored embossing pads helped our workshop orders go over $400.  Many of the customers bought the items I showed them how to use.

If you haven't already tried to make a video, try it. What do you have to lose?
May I also recommend checking out
She has a ton of great ideas for you to watch and try.

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