Thursday, November 1, 2012

I asked Cristena Bagne to share her tips on blogging

Cristena Bagne said: "The problem I see most when I am installing peoples blogs is that they have the order button at the bottom or email me some where people can hardly find it. 

Mostly what I ask my clients when I am doing the install - or I try to remember to ask anyway - is what is most important to them , order online, events, their kits... stuff like that because you want what is most important to you at the top. 

And if you are going to advertise for other people always make sure the link opens in a new window so that it doesn't take people completely away from your blog."

Cristena's work...

Something Beauitiful for Sherrill

Sherrill Graff  has touched our hearts in one way or another through the years. And is always willing to help anyone. So it was such a wonderful feeling to give her something pretty for her blog.  So far I have done her SOS Stuck On Stamping blog. Which I thought was fun because when I first saw that I thought “Sherrills Online Support” lol since she is always doing demonstrator bootcamps and more to help support other demonstrators…haha!
But Sherrill is great (and easy) to work with on this one. However I just did something that made me think of her, and this is what I came up with.
Doesn’t that make you think of Sherrill :) it is so pretty!
Thank You Cristena, I love it!

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