Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pin your art on Pintrest - get more viewers on your blog

The word web ring is an old one. It was used back in the 1990's
web ring is a way of interlinking a group of websites that have information on related topics or themes.
a blog hop is a perfect example of a web ring.
Our Late Night Stamper group has been using a link list to help you get more viewers to your blog
When you have your blog address added to this list you are giving members permission to post your non watermarked card samples on their blogs and link back to your blog.
You are also giving members permission to pin
Pin It any photo or sample that has no watermark to Pintrest.
PLEASE Go read Pintrest Terms of Service before you decide to join in the fun. 
Pintrest is quickly becoming as popular as facebook. 

Members see your art and click on it which brings them back to your blog.

Here is how it works
Each LNS member on our web ring  goes to 5 of the blogs on the list each day. New blogs are added to the top of the list each week.
When you go to a fellow late night stampers blog pin their art on pintrest. Please select samples that do not have a watermark on them. 
you can even pin your own art if you feel your art is not getting pinned enough.

Leave a comment below to let me know you are pinning your fellow demonstrators artwork.

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